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Silver elephant ring

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If you want a truly unique ring that will stand out wherever you go, the Elephant Ring is a fun and different ring that you probably haven’t seen before!  In the light, the dainty ring looks like a thin and delicate ring of elephants holding onto the one in front of them. 

The elephants are small and gold surrounded by a smoky white background and silver bands around them.  Now, in the dark, the ring gets even better!  Wear your ring in a dark room, and see the background of the elephants turn green as it glows in the dark!  The elephants look bold as they are lit with a green background, and the ring looks that much more stunning.

The Elephant Ring is made of stainless steel, and the quality is durable and lightweight.  Don’t worry, this ring won’t turn your finger green.  It’s only the background of the elephants that changes color here!

This item often sells out, so we advise you to purchase multiple to avoid missing out later on. 

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