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The stones and jewels we find in jewelry can be found in many different places all over the world, and they surface to be made into elegant and designer pieces. 

The Lapis Lazuli is one of those stones that is sought after by many. It’s a stone that symbolizes so much ever since the beginning of its existence. Whether you believe in the power of stones or not, these two stones create a gorgeous accessory that many will love. 

The stones are held in by a long silver chain with silver linings encompassing each stone, resembling the veins in a heart.  

Our Necklace of Lapis is a gorgeous necklace that is hand crafted with quality design.  The stones that hang come in two deep and vivid colors The clear, smoky stone creates an aura of peace and clarity, where the deep blue stone is the symbol of royalty and honor.  A stunning necklace that can be worn alone or with additional to create a layered effect, the Necklace of Lapis is beautiful on all who wear it!

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