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Mantra Bracelets

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Mantra Bracelets are known to hold special power in people's lives, and they can be a source of strength and peace.  Whether you believe in the power of Mantra Bracelets, they’re known as fashionable pieces that can add some good vibes to any outfit.  These vintage styles give a classic vibe, and these are great and simple pieces that you can give to anyone. Tell them a bit of background behind mantra bracelets, and shock them with some good ol’ fashioned history!

Our Mantra Bracelets here come in two colors (black and white), and the all natural stones contain light spots when you look at them.  This makes the stone look pearly and multi-colored in some lights. Flexible and durable, these bracelets are handmade by incredible craftsmen who take pride and care in their finished designs.  The cord stretches to fit around your hand, but they sit comfortably on the wrist to ensure you’ll always have your bracelet no matter what you’re up to.

Inner Length: around 7 inches; Bead Diameter: 0.31 inches / 8mm
Luxurious & Fashion Style.

Ready to be Given as a Gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas.

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