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Braided Leaf Ring, Rose Gold

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Rose Gold hasn't been popular for a long time and is still at the height of fashion. It is desired by most and can be worn alongside many other colours of jewelry and clothes. 

This rose gold ring with leaves is of extremely high quality, It's also made from tin alloy which means that it won't tarnish, rust or fade - unlike many similar rings made from more expensive materials.

This ring looks like it houses many tiny diamonds, but in fact,21 these are man-made diamonds - Cubic Zirconia. Cubic zirconia is made to replicate and be better than the diamond, in such a way that it refracts more lights and has a higher 'dispersion'. For this reason, many believe it to be 'much more beautiful than the diamond'. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, Cubic Zirconia is even better than that.

It is minimalistic in design and would delight anyone who receives it as a gift. Whether it be a valentines day ring, a birthday ring, a Christmas ring - whatever the occasion - it'll be received greatly.



Material: Tin Alloy, Cubic Zirconia
Size: 18cm
Width: 2.5mm


This rose gold leaf ring is not to be missed.

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