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3D Elephant ring

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An exquisite and advanced style of ring, our 3D Elephant Ring is a gorgeous and unique piece for any ring lover. 

The ring displays a circle of silver elephants that are cut out in between two golden bands.  Resembling the circle of life, the elephants are shown holding onto the tail of the elephant in front of them as they would when they walk together as a herd. 

It’s a unique gift that can symbolize any number of emotions, whether it be a love that will be together forever or a friendship that will always walk with each other.  Although the ring is bigger than your typical band, it is incredibly comfortable to wear and won’t feel heavy or bulky on your finger.

Our high quality ring is designed with 100% medical grade copper, which allows it to be lightweight and durable. 

The gold and silver hues make the elephants stand out and dazzle with every look.  It’s a ring for any and all occasions, and its 3D design makes it stand out among most other rings.

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