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Elephant family ring

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A stylish and sturdy ring with no frills and fancy stones, the Elephant Family Ring is the perfect ring for your family man!  It isn’t easy finding jewelry for a man, and often times, they don’t feel a connection to always wear it.  The Elephant Family Ring is the ring to change all of that!  The shiny, black ring has two adult elephants with a baby elephant displayed in between. 

Their trunks make the shape of a heart, and it’s a beautiful tribute to the family that you love.  Other than the elephants and a silver lining at the bottom, the ring is a deep onyx black that will look manly on your hand. 

It’s a comfortable ring that’s lightweight and durable, so there’s no need to worry if it will get in the way of your hard work.  Wear it any time to remind yourself why you do what you do because there’s nothing like the love of the family.

This item often sells out, so we advise you to purchase multiple to avoid missing out later on. 

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