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Tassel Earrings

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Dangling earrings can always add a little festivity to the mix as fun additions to any outfit! These Tassel Earrings stand out as especially unique since they are different on each side!  With a little bit of yin and yang, opposites attract!  These Tassel Earrings are perfect for the lady who wants to add some Picasso sort of style to an abstract mix.  These are perfect with a little black dress or for when you’re heading to the new art gallery that opened up downtown.  These are different than any other earrings out there, so you’re sure to get some eyes looking at you!

A perfect gift for a birthday or holiday, these tassel earrings are just fancy enough to be great for any occasion.  The Tassel Earrings sit with crystal at the top connected to hoops that dangle below the ear.  One earring has a black geometric shaped tassel, and the other hangs the hoop lower to contrast.  These abstract earrings are the perfect party topic for anyone who wears them!

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