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May 29, 2019 7 min read

On this planet, ladies like to wear abundant ornaments of adornments. No matter if it is a ring, bracelet, necklace, watches, and earrings, etc. these are going to be used openly. Women's are enthusiastic about jewelry. Jewelry has continuously made ladies feel delightful and confident. Jewelry can feature ladies' character and draw out the best highlights when wearing the correct pieces for the right event. Jewelry is as essential for women as oxygen is essential because there are many events on which women need jewelry to look elegant, this includes anniversary, wedding, the birth of first child or birthday party, etc. Also, someone can gift jewelry for women because it seems a beautiful gift particular for women.

Revolution in the way of shopping:

The world is revolving, and every product is currently changing on the internet. Many people purchase goods from different online stores. Buying goods online or not comes with their benefits and disadvantages. Many people have the experience that while buying jewelry online, they don't get to see the exact product as it appears on the online store. And due to this experience, they choose not to buy things online anymore. It is worthy to note that the e-commerce community is filled with a couple of fraudulent sites, but notwithstanding, we have the legitimate ones.  One of the significant ways to prevent such experience is checking for customer reviews of any online store you choose to buy.

Joya jewelry store:

There are many online stores for purchasing jewelry. I am Marry, and I love to wear jewelry. That's why I search the best online store for jewelry and with time order on different sites for necklaces and earrings. When I received my order, I observed that the product does not conform with the quality represented on the web store. I was upset, and I had to leave a negative review to the order. This discouraged me from further shopping online. I also discussed this situation with my friends, and they also narrated their ordeal with a similarly disappointing experience they once had.
After some time, my husband on my birthday gifted me a pendant. I love the pendant for its radiance and quality.  The material was quite impressive, and I thanked my husband for such a beautiful gift. After a while, I asked him where he bought the pendant and how much it cost. I thought he had purchased this gift from a nearby jewelry shop.


When he told me he purchased this beautiful pendant online, I was shocked. Although this was due to my bad experience. Surprised at my amazement, he asked me why I was shocked, and I had to tell him my experience. He smiled and told me he purchased the pendant at
Then, I decided to check their service myself. On getting to the website, a piece of jewelry caught my attention, and immediately, I placed an order.


Some Interesting Features of joya jewelry store:

Upon receipt of the delivery, I again verified their quality as showcased on their website. I was happy as I found a treasure on this planet. I was completely satisfied, and now, I can believe in online shopping because I found a genuine store that provides quality products to their customers. Now when I want a piece of jewelry, I go to this site, place my order and get the quality product from there. Since then, I've been following the website with full enthusiasm so I can also tell you some amazing observations. When you visit their site, you can see different kinds of sections that are beautifully presented.

Homepage of JoyaJewell:

On this page, they present their various jewelry products to include watches, earrings, necklaces or rings, etc. You can find jewelry of different styles and different cultures. You can also navigate from here to check buyers' reviews.  They can showcase this because they have consistently maintained a high customer satisfaction rate. For your consultation, you can go through their feedback. I was also impressed by their reviews, and then I had to order from them, as I earlier explained.



Login and Registration:

To purchase anything from, you require complete user information for authorization. They, like other websites, do not compromise with the security of their customers. So for you to avail necessary benefits from this site you should first register yourself and then login.

 Login and Registration

Cart System:

Like a typical shopping mall system, you can also add your desired products into the cart, and when you are ready to make the purchase, you can checkout through your attached payment system. They will deliver your product within the specified time frame. I'm able to say this cos I have they are tested and trusted. They also allow you to remove some extra products from your cart as you want. Their cart system and payment system is well secured, and they can be trusted. Also, this site has many products, but it doesn't take too much time to load. It is an easily accessible and suitable site designed for your shopping experience.


On this site, you will get different sales options because they have a special section for sales. Products that sell more have bearable discount offers which can be found in this section. You can also see the newly added products in this section. They also offer some discounts on newly added products. This kind of offer is available all through their website. You can also check such offers now on this site.
I can see different exciting products such as classic natural stone couple dance bracelet, couple jewelry puzzle heart titanium musical necklace, friendship stainless steel minimalism pineapple bracelet gift, zircon pendant fishing line necklace women jewelry, 3d elephant ring pure copper women jewelry, pure copper antique lucky 3d elephant ring. I can tell you that you will like these features.


Different Currency options for shopping:

There are different currency options that you can pick from according to your location. It's up to you in which currency you are paying. They currently have options for USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR, and JPY. In these currencies, you can do the shopping for your pieces of jewelry. Majority of the customer's checkout in USD because it is a generally acceptable means of payment.



If you are conversant with the prices of jewelry products, you will know they offer reasonable prices for their jewelry products.
And if you have no idea, you can compare it with other websites to validate. Joya Jewelry offers one of the cheapest rates on jewelry products.


Jewelry For Gifts :

As we know that jewelry gifts are very popular nowadays. That's why they also have some special kind of jewelry products which can be used for as gifts to others. These jewelry are well designed and have some cute look which gives pleasure to other people who get it as a gift. I also presented my sister with a gift by purchasing from this site. They have a special section for gifts and they constantly add more to the product lists. Some of the special gift categories for different kind of people which you can see on this site are:

Couple Necklaces:

This section is for people who like Couple Necklaces. They can purchase pieces of jewelry that have some couple of designs. You can see different necklaces which have some beautifully designed couple on it. You can see such products by visiting this section. The products include:

 Couple_Necklaces-joya jewelry

Gifts For Cat Lovers:

As they offer products for Horse Lovers, they also sell pieces of jewelry that have some cats design on it. You can also purchase a pendant for your cat. You can see this product which name is silver plated ring cat design jewelry for cat lovers. You can see from the site its sophisticated look and fit for all. A rich and remarkably made 100% for ladies which conveys a complex yet insignificant style advance. This top of the line arm ornament with premium quality and skin-accommodating materials is an absolute necessity purchase to advance your wearing background in the most lavish manner. This product can be gifted as a ring or bracelet to someone who likes a cat as a pet.

 Gift for cat lovers

Music Lovers Gifts:

Many people like music particularly different signs can wear this kind of stuff. Here you can see a different necklace which shows music signs on it. Different Singers and musical instrument players wear such kind of jewelry for their cute and passionate look.

 Gift for music lovers

Gifts For Pineapple Lover:

This Section is for people who love pineapple. They can wear bracelets, necklaces, watches or rings which have some designed pineapple on it. Such designs are very creative and interactive for users. You can gift such kinds of necklaces, bracelets, watches or rings to the people who like pineapple.

 Gift for pineapple lovers

Gifts For Elephant Lover:

Many people particular children have affection for elephants. This site also provides different kind of pendant, rings, necklaces or bracelets which have elephant design. You can see products with names pure copper antique lucky 3d elephant ring, vintage animal jewelry cute silver elephant ring,golden vintage alloy elephant band ring, baby gift tiny elephant ring best friend, 925 sterling silver 3d elephant finger ring, 3d elephant ring pure copper women jewelry or cartoon anime minty plush green little elephant.

 Gift for elephant lovers



Shipping Policy:

They are shipping their products on both levels of local and international locations. They are willing to deliver your product as soon as possible but the maximum is 45 days of normal working days.


Refund Policy:

Their refund policy is simple and their criteria are if you have purchased your product more than 30 days then it cannot be refunded. Also, The returning product must be not in used form i.e it must have a tag and have a better condition as during delivery.



If you have any kind of question then you can go to the help center section of this site for FAQs. But if this does not solve the problem, then you can contact their support team by going to the contact us section.

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